"Learn to be ok with “NO”, if you’re not afraid of hearing ”NO” you can ask for anything."

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Your state is your choice.

At this time of year we can face challenges around people, moods and emotions. How you are in yourself affects how other people are around you.

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Phone Avoidance Strategy

In one of my courses participants learn to overcome the feelings that stop them from making new calls. If when you sit down to “bash the phones” you find yourself...

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Experience - Dependent Neuroplasticity (…

You know if you work a muscle it gets stronger. We now know that Neural Pathways are the same. The mood that you “do” most often is the one that...

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Presenting Matters.

In today’s business world it is vital that you can present well. 60 seconds at a networking event, pitching to clients, video clips for your web site,...

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Selling yourself, are you proud of your …

In consultancy, professional services, interviews etc the product you are selling is yourself. It’s what’s in your head; your knowledge, your experience, your ideas, creativity and problem solving abilities.

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Love money?

Most of us are not motivated by money but what it does for us. If you had loads of it, what would it mean about you? What is your relationship...

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One size does not fit all

Hippocrates Temperament Theory, Wilson’s, Insights, DISC, MBTI and MyBrain are all excellent ways to profile the 4 preferences or character types.

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What does it all mean?

We all interpret the words we hear through our own filters based on our experience of life. Think of the phrase “the cat sat on the mat”. What colour’s the...

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Fear of success is interesting.” Surely that’s crazy, why wouldn’t I want more business?”

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I think therefore I can

Brains are like heat seeking missiles that take direction from thoughts. “I can’t find my keys” instructs your brain to not see them, stop saying that and they appear like magic!

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Feel the fear, do it anyway

Fear of rejection affects sales more than anything. As a toddler putting jammy toast in the video player you were told NO that’s naughty. Like phobias people learn quickly that...

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Outcomes lead to income

Your neurology takes it’s instruction from what you think. Focusing on what you want helps your brain come up with the right questions, words and ideas to help you get...

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The Gift of the gab is no gift at all

You may have heard the saying “two ears - one mouth, use them in those proportions”. There’s good reason for that. If you’re talking... you’re vocalising something you already know,...

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Top ten tips for getting paid

In a time when cash flow is the key to survival for many businesses, getting your clients to pay up and pay on time is vital. Here are my top 10 tips to getting paid.

  1. Make your expectations clear from the start: If all you do is mention payment terms in your letter of instruction, it’s possible that they won’t be read. Make sure your client is clear on what you expect, consider having them sign a separate document agreeing to your terms.
  2. Learn their payment process: Who specifically receives the invoice? What happens then? Who signs it off and how long does that take? When’s their cheque run? What has to happen for that process to be overridden? If you understand it you can work with it.
  3. Offer incentives: Promotions such as a free tax audit for clients that pay within seven days. Even if you consider selling to be a dirty word, this gives your client an incentive to pay and you an opportunity to find additional fee income.
  4. Use your fee structure to help: Bite size chunks such as monthly fixed fees are easier to manage. Add 3.5% to all of your prices then offer a 3.5% discount for clients that pay by monthly DD.
  5. Celebrate good payers: If you have a client that only pays on time occasionally, send a thank you card when they do. It points out that you’ve noticed in a nice way.
  6. Use the relationship: You are their trusted adviser. If you were employed they wouldn’t pay your wages late so use your relationship to ensure you get priority. A personal nudge such as a call with ‘I’m sure this is just an oversight and you wouldn’t intentionally let us down but it appears your payment is late’ comes first. Then if no cheque appears a call from someone else with a firm no nonsense ‘when exactly will you be settling this outstanding debt?'
  7. Use language to your advantage: ‘Will you pay us’ gets a yes or no answer whereas ‘when will you pay us’ means they have to consider an answer that involves a date. ‘Your payment is overdue’ is emotionless compared with ‘did you know you’re on our bad debtors list?’
  8. Tug at their heart strings: offer a charitable donation on behalf of every client that pays within seven days. That way it’s not you they’re letting down, it’s the charity. This also adds to your corporate social responsibility so everyone wins.
  9. Use 3rd party help: Debt collectors could potentially damage your relationship with a client; however, if they’re not paying you they’re not really a client, you’re working for free.
  10. Consider saying goodbye: Clients who consistently don’t pay are a huge drain on your business and you are a business not a charity. Have a sales strategy to replace clients that damage your business such as networking, asking for referrals from happy clients, joint seminars, newsletters, social media etc.
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